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leased from Sunday on and the▓ review meetings would be concentrated. "IPO applications sent to the regulator were concentrated. The regulator had to take into consideration forming a block and guard against speculation that might push up IPO stocks prices," the official said. Since the market held high expectation on the GEM stocks, the first batch of IPOs should provide a ▓certain number of stocks for trade and form a block to provide more choices for investors to guard against speculation, the official said. "None of the first IPOs on the GEM was of huge

size and thus though the listings will be concentrated, it would not affect capital on the main board," the official said. The CSRC started to accept applications of▓ the GEM on July 26 and had received 155 applications for IPOs on the GEM as of Sept. 10. The CSRC has formally agreed to handle 149 enterprises' applic▓ations that aim to raise 33.61 billion yuan (4.92 billion U.S. dollars). Eastern China's Fujian Province has very similar geographical ▓and weather co

nditions to Taiwan. That's a major reason why enterprises on the island ha▓ve chosen the region as their top destination for modern agriculture investment. They are not only using the fertile land as their farming base, bu▓t also using their investments as a bridge to the massive mainland market. Our reporter Pan Deng visited the bigg

est tea company in China to ▓find out how it developed a comprehensive industrial chain.The world's only tea college at▓tracts students from all around China.19-year-old Yang Yong'an comes from Taiwan's Taichung City. He has been studying here for one year. As a tea merchant's son, he studied marketing at college to prepare to one day take over his family business.Yang said, "My father's friends recommended this college to me. Although the location is a long way from big cities, I think it is fun to live here. I can learn lots of things about tea and get t

o know the mainland students. I think young people on both sides of the Straits need to know more abou▓t each other."This unique tea college was established by the Tenfu Group from Taiwan. During the past decade, the enterprise has shifte▓d nearly all its business to the mainland.The college aims to educate the future▓ leaders in the tea industry. And the group aims to be the number one tea maker and dealer in Chin▓a -- a goal which has already been realized.But they also have their sights on ▓even greater success. The group has transformed abandoned mountain

s into tea farms -- where hundreds of varieties of tea fr▓om all around China -- are grown. Fujian's weather makes their quest for the best tasting tea a lot easier.Shen Fujing, director of President's office of Tenfu Group, said, "Now we have 9 f▓actories here and over 900 shops around China. We are planning to list our company on the stock market in the next two years. We have high expectations for the newly-announced national strategy to boost the economy (on the west c▓oast) of the Straits. This will help our expansion a lot."Besides the leading Tenfu G

roup, there are 30 enterprises from Taiwan that have settled in this agricultural zone, which was exclusively es▓tablished for businesses from Taiwan.Hong Lu, Zhangpu Agricultural Zone, said, "Since the central government's policies are in place, we are planning to better improve the zone's infrastructure and market our brand. Meanwhile, we will enhance exchanges on farming technologies with Taiwan business▓es."The farming area is not only trying to boost production, but also expand into▓ agricultural products and logistics.It's not just students ▓from socia

lly vulnerable groups, the average graduate i▓s set to face perhaps the toughest job market ever since the laun▓ch of opening-up and reform policies 30 years ago. They are the hope of millions of families.Th▓ey are the future of the entire nation.They have enjoyed life in the Ivory Tower.B▓ut now, they have to face a harsh reality finding a job in a contracting job market.Is the▓re another way out? Nearly 7 million Chinese college students will graduate this summer. Two thirds of them have not landed a job as the result of the worst global financial crisis in d

st seven IPOs for list ing on the Gro wth Enterprise Mar ket (GEM), a Nas daq-style market in Ch ina, on Thur sday, sources with t he China Sec urities Regulator y Commi ssion (CSRC) c onfirmed with Xinhua Monda y. The officia l, who asked not to be n amed, said informati on on the appl ying enterprises h ad been re 郑州市5G 富民县5G 盘山县5G 黄梅县wap 宜宾市wap 庆安县wap 孟连傣族拉祜族佤族自治县wap 平陆县wap 扎兰屯市wap 任丘市5G 临安市5G 始兴县wap 溧水县wap 乐安县5G 漳平市wap 德州市5G 余庆县5G 昌图县wap 丘北县wap 上饶县5G 传奇私服开区视频教程 新开热血传奇私服大 魅影传奇私服网站 win7玩传奇私服卡屏 传奇私服发布网刚开一秒 战士彻地钉传奇私服 传奇私服gm命令查看器 最新超变单职业传奇私服 复古热血传奇私服网 传奇私服gm命令查看